The Truth About Flash Web Design

Flash is that sort of a website development platform that comes cheap despite its awe-inspiring results. A product from the world renowned Macromedia Group, a California based graphics, web development and software firm, Flash is now taken over by Macromedia’s own rival Adobe Systems which in fact controls the line of all Macromedia products. It was in the year 2005, Adobe Systems acquired Macromedia and since then there is no looking back for it. In all sorts of product development activities including the various versions of Flash, Adobe Systems has shown a great wizardry and interestingly all users are loving the action.

Macromedia Flash web design came into existence the same year Flash was released, 1996. But at that time, Flash was known by just a few numbers of people. Gradually, it began to show its exploits and today, Flash web site design and development has reached such a level where only results reside. A professional Flash web design firm now can be spotted anywhere in the world. The massive growth of the internet has even fueled in making Flash website design and development availing an easier affair.

A professional Flash web site design solution company has all answers for all types of Flash design programs, no matter the nature and size of businesses. They can offer Flash logo design, banner creation, intro making and many more Flash based design works. Those who have always been dreaming of having a smart looking website for them only Flash can offer the best of designs. Flash based judi bola websites use high graphic works and they are just too perfect to catch the attention of the visitors at just its maiden encounter with them.

A Flash design services provider also helps you get custom Flash web site designs at just affordable rates. Custom Flash designs have proved to be very useful for people who have specific expectations from their sites. Those who are more of a personalized touch lover, for them there are no alternatives to custom Flash web designs. Custom Flash web designs in its different forms can help them get what they really want, how they want!


Observing the Global Trend of E-commerce
E-Commerce General

Observing the Global Trend of E-commerce

Business application of ecommerce can be seen across areas such as domestic and international payment systems, virtual assistance (AI), teleconferencing, social networking, shopping cart software, print on demand, pretail, online shopping and order tracking, online office suites, online banking, newsgroups, instant messaging, group buying, enterprise content management, electronic tickets, document automation (in supply chain and logistics), digital wallet, and conversational commerce (ecommerce via chat).

Ecommerce has seen an ascending trend globally since its first inception decades ago. The UK saw the highest per capita ecommerce spending in the world in 2010. The biggest contribution to the total revenue of enterprises was through ecommerce in the Czech Republic, reported in 2013. At least 24% of the total turnover of the country stems from

China’s ecommerce sees the biggest expansion annually. With internet users of as many as 668 million people, online shopping sales in China during the first part of 2015 clocked at $253 billion. This makes up 10% of the total consumer retail sales during that year. Ecommerce transactions among China and other countries rose to 2.3 trillion yuan in 2012, making up 9.6% of the total international trade. China became the biggest online market in the world in 2014 with 600 million internet users.

Brazil’s ecommerce developed quickly in 2013 through 2014. It was expected that by 2016, Brazil’s ecommerce sales raised up to $1.7 billion. As of December 2017, India has at least 460 million internet users. Cash on delivery is the most preferable method of payment in India, making up 75% of the ecommerce activities. It is expected that India’s market would rise from 2.5% in 2016 to 5% in 2020. Arab countries also see rapid development in the number of internet users. People in the age group of 30-34 year make up the largest part of Middle Eastern ecommerce activities.

The Governmental Regulation of E-commerce
E-Commerce General

The Governmental Regulation of E-commerce

As helpful and convenient as e-commerce might be, it is not subject free from governmental regulations. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulates certain types of electronic ecommerce activities in the US. Consumer privacy, online advertising, and commercial emails are said activities the FTC regulates. Direct marketing over email is standardized by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

The FTC Act rules out that all kinds of advertising, especially online advertising, should always be non-deceptive and truthful. The Section 5 of the FTC Act commands against practices that are either deceptive or unfair. This Section has helped the FTC to enforce privacy statements made by corporates, especially regarding the security of personal information of consumers.

The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008 was made into law in the same year. It addresses online pharmacies by amending the Controlled Substances Act. One major obstacle for the harmonization of e-commerce legal framework across the globe would be legal conflicts in cyberspace. In response, many countries adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce in 1996 to apply some sense of uniformity to ecommerce law across the globe. The ICPEN (International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network) was formed in 1991 to help find solutions to problems regarding consumer as well as to accommodate exchanges of information among involved parties for mutual benefit. The formation of this network led to the establishment of in April 2001 that functions as a medium for consumers to report complaints about online transactions that are made with international companies.

The Governmental Regulation of E-commerceThe APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) was formed in 1989 to provide stability, security, and prosperity for countries around the region by means of trade and investment that are free and open. Within APEC is an Electronic Commerce Steering Group. The group seeks to work on common privacy regulations that would be applied across countries in APEC region.

General Web Design

Four Things to Consider in Designing Website

Four Things to Consider in Designing WebsiteDesigning website on yourself can be quite a hassle because there are many things to consider. To help you create a good website that will surely serves its purpose, this article will explain several useful tips that you can follow and apply on your future website.

The following list will elaborate each tips briefly.
• Easy navigation: this aspect can be considered as the key when you design your website. Basically, navigation is a map that shoes the places your visitors can visit. You need to make sure your website has a clear and organized navigation interface. Confusing and disorganized interface is the worst thing in web design. While designing your web, you need to ensure that the visitors will be able to find what they are searching for easily. Streamlined content, responsive design, and navigation hierarchy are some of the things you need to pay attention to.
• Use appropriate images: not all image is suitable for the messages you are trying to convey to your visitors. There are many free images you can use from the internet. But make sure to use the one that is related to the topic you are talking about. Use portray images that looks genuine and represent you or your company well. You can also use animated drawing instead of real photographs to be put in your website.
• Use call-to-action buttons: after your visitors go to your website and are interested for more contents, they will surely try to find something that will direct them to that access. If you do not provide them with this ‘button’, you may lose your visitors rapidly. Several examples of this button are ‘click here for further information’, ‘sign up to find out more’, ‘see price’, etc. Make sure to add them in your website.
• Write a good ‘About Us’ page: make sure you focus on the visitors instead of your services or products while describing them. When writing an information about your business or services, do not focus on what ‘we’ can do for customers but focus on what ‘you’ or the visitors will get from using the services or products offered by the poker online website.

The paragraph above already elaborate several useful tips to create a website to promote your works, service, or products. You can consult your website with experts or ask your acquaintances to use it and ask for feedback about its interface to enhance its performance.

Creating transparent border using CSS: The Easy Way

Creating transparent border using CSS: The Easy Way

The post is not about creating transparent borders actually. It’s more like an opaque border. Transparent borders can be easily created using the ‘border: 10px solid transparent’ property and that helps a lot while creating different types of shapes.  I have seen a lot of methods for creating opaque borders but most of them seems a little bit complicated for beginners which requires more CSS. The methods which I’m about to show you are going to be very easy and short.

Method 1: The first method will show you how you can make a div look like a border. This one is a bit tricky but you will have more control over your borders using this method. Also, this one is my favorite.

The basic idea behind this method was to create two div, a parent and a child where, the parent will have some extra padding which will make the child div look like it has a transparent border. The important part of this agen sbobet method was to use an ‘opaque’ background image for the parent div.


<div id=”parent”>
<div id=”child”>
some content goes here….

The CSS-

#parent {
background: url(../img/background.png);
#child {
background: #47b7dd;

You see, the parent div has some padding [10px] which appears outside the child div and as it has a background image which is ‘opaque’, it makes the child div look like as if it has a transparent border. There are some advantages for using this method-

  • You can have border over border which will look stunning.
  • You can do more customization to the parent div to make the border look more impressive.
  • You can add extra image or text at the border.

Method 2: This method will show you how you can use an image as a border. The second method is very easy but you cannot have much control over the borders.


<div id=”border-image”>
Some content here…

The CSS-

#border-image {
border: 10px solid transparent;
border-image:url(../img/border.png) 10 10 stretch;
-webkit-border-image:url(../img/border.png) 10 10 stretch;
-o-border-image:url(../img/border.png) 10 10 stretch;
border-image-outset: 10px;
background: #47b7dd;

This method is very clear. The main idea for this method was to create an ‘opaque’ border image first which is a very easy task, then use that image using the ‘border-image’ property. But here’s some points which you should keep in mind while using a border image-

  • For using an image as border, you must first create a transparent border using the below border property.

border: 10px solid transparent;

  • The image border will appear inside our div which is okay if you are using an image which is not ‘opaque’ but in this case, you will have to use an extra line of css to push the image outside the container. Below is the CSS for it-

border-image-outset: 10px;

That’s all you need to know for creating transparent borders. I hope those methods helped you. Below is a demo where I have used both the methods.

Adding CSS to your links

Adding CSS to your links

Changing the default link color or adding a separate color to the visited links or showing another color on mouse hover will all be covered in this post. These are some of the points which every newbie designer must learn at the beginning. In fact, maybe you should start with these “links” if you are thinking of learning CSS. Basically, you can apply CSS to your links for “default”, “hover” and “visited” which I’m going to show you how and including that, I will also mention some of the common CSS properties which are mostly used on “links”. There are also some other CSS selectors except “hover” and “visited” which I won’t cover on this post and that’s because too much of everything is bad and I’m sure if you came to this post looking for “changing the link color”, then you are surely a beginner and you must not go any farther at first.

Changing the default color of your links:

To change the color of all the links of your agen bola webpage, you may use the below CSS-

a {color: #000;
a:hover {
a:visited {
color: #333;

Try adding the above codes on your style sheet. It will change the color of your links to “black” and on mouse hover, it will create an underline and once the link is visited, it will change to “lighter black”.

NOTE: “a” mentions “links”.

Changing the default color of your links for a particular div:

Some of you might want to add a separate color to the links for only a particular div. In that case, you will have to mention the div ID or class along with the links. For example, you want to change the link colors of your div “<div id=”mydiv”>“. For that, your CSS would be-

#mydiv a {color: #000;
#mydiv a:hover {
#mydiv a:visited {
color: #333;

As it was an “ID”,  so I have added a “hash” # before the div on the CSS. If it is a “class”, then replace “#” with a dot “.”

Now let’s take a look at what else can you do with your links-

I have just added a color to the link which is used in most cases. But if you want to do something more with your links, then you may use some of the other CSS properties but don’t add too must of CSS on just the links or else you might end up making it look like a garbage above text.
CSS shadows can be a good option if you keep the radius and position to minimum. Try using the below one-

a {color: #000;
text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #333;
-webkit-text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #333

The above code will create a little bit of shadow below your links. If you know about the basic properties of CSS, then you may try adding some more CSS for educational purpose.

Now let’s take a look at what you can do to your links on mouse hover. Basically, most people uses the “text-decoration” property for links on mouse hover. Using “text-decoration”, you can add underline, blink, etc which is a good option. Below is list of “text-decoration” syntax.


Above are the “text-decoration” syntax which can be used on mouse hover. You may directly use this “text-decoration” property to your link but it won’t look good except the “text-decoration:none;” property because, by default, you will get an underline on your links. Try adding the below CSS for “mouse hover”-

a:hover {

Alright, I’m going to stop writing on this topic because it seems like I’m writing too much for this small topic. Why don’t you try something more on your own? You know about the basics now.

Essentials of Web Design
Coding E-Commerce General Web Design

Essentials of Web Design

The services of the web-design agency should ensure that the website be efficient and effective enough not only in converting the visitor into a customer but also at retaining the existing customers. Some of the keys for successful web design services are as follows:

Customer: The website functions and services should be user-friendly and customer-oriented. A web design that does not meet the needs of the buyer is a waste of resources. The buyer profile must be kept into mind while designing a site. The customer behavior is variable depending on their demographic, social, economic, educational and mode of earning too. A simple to use but robust and bright website always has the potential to draw crowds better than the more techno-heavy and feature-loaded website.

Technology: Appropriate mix of technology needs to be used for maximizing performance of the website. The better the website performance, the faster the response from the users.

Billing: Web design  services are rapidly becoming a big buck industry. The business entities want to capture the customers at any cost. For this they are ready to shell out huge amount of money to these web design agencies. But it should not be implied that the web designing agency can bill the business entity unreasonably. All the cost structure and taxes should be disclosed completely by declaring them before signing the agreement in order to avoid any disputes that may damage the goodwill of both the parties.

Flexibility: The web judi bola online design development and services agency shall offer a website-package that is flexible and not rigid. It can be easily scaleable, fine-tuned, upgraded and updated involving zero or little cost. Moreover the site must be designed keeping in view the latest and future evolution of relevant softwares so as to minimize the recurring costs to the business entity.

Setting up Your Browser to View PDF files
E-Commerce General Web Design

Setting up Your Browser to View PDF files

Using your browser as a direct viewer of PDF technology is more efficient than downloading the file. Because you are able to view the item first, there
is less need for bringing the document to your computer hard drive or diskette. Once you have decided that you want the document, you can save the item (as Source instead of Text) and use it as you would any other document file.

Follow these steps, in order to set up your browser.


Obtain the free Acrobat
3.0 reader software from the Adobe
web site.


Select the appropriate version for
your machine.


Once you have successfully downloaded
the software to your machine, (you may need to restart the computer),
before starting Netscape, or MS Explorer, locate the PDFViewer
Plug-in in the accompanying folder of the new application.


Place the PDFViewer Plug-in in the
Plug-ins folder of the Browser software. Launch the browser software.


If you are using Netscape Navigator,
go to the Menu option Options > General Preferences… This
will lead to a dialogue box with many tabs along the top. Select
the Helpers tab. If the Portable Document Format is set to PDFViewer
already, you may proceed to # 8). If not please go on the the
next step.


 Select Portable Document Format
and then Edit…


Now select the Handled By Plug-in setting
and select PDFViewer. Acknowledge each box by clicking OK.


Now when you encounter a PDF file you
can view it right in your favorite browser window before using
the file. Below is an example of browser window with a PDF in
Use this URL to locate more PDFs including the one above,
that have documentation about how to do things with computer
software. Perform a search with the PDF documents only radio
button selected and type ” agen bola ” in the Enter
key words or concepts field
Why use E-fulfilment Services for your Online Shop
Coding General Web Design

Why use E-fulfilment Services for your Online Shop

The average online shopper receives 33 packages in just one year, with each package costing the business money and an awful lot of time.  This is where e-commerce fulfilment services can help. From the point of order to the customer receiving their item, a service can be provided so that you can just concentrate on your business.

What can e-fulfilment services offer me?

Inbound scheduling:

E-fulfilment services can unload and inspect your stock on arrival and check and receive it onto a warehouse system.  This way all goods are cross-referenced against the paperwork and if there are any anomalies, these will be noted and paperwork changed.

Upon being entered into the warehouse system, each item of stock will be allocated a space that corresponds with the item, making items being sent out as easy and mistake-free as possible.

E-fulfilment services can also take care of returns management through stock status, this ensures that all returns are processed quickly and efficiently and your stock levels are updated correctly.

Different storage options:

E-fulfilment companies will normally offer businesses a variety of solutions when it comes to storage.  The most common one’s are as follows:

  • Single user-these are for large, normally blue chip companies who require their own dedicated facilities.
  • Multi-user-this is the most common storage option for small and medium businesses.
  • Overspill-this is temporary storage used for peak times i.e. Christmas.
  • Bonded goods-this is customs warehousing for the storage of dutiable dry goods.

Storage can often be paid for on a pay as you go basis making it easier for businesses as you can avoid overheads.

Stock management:

Stock management is perhaps one of the most important services that an e-commerce fulfilment company can offer to other businesses.  These services can include:

  • Stock rotation, status and batch control
  • Cyclical counting
  • Year end stock take
  • Accurate checking programme

Each of these options will allow you to have the most accurate and up to date information possible, helping you to make successful business decisions.

Pick and Pack services:

E-fulfilment companies can take receipt of an order, pick the right product and package it carefully, quickly and effectively.

It will then be despatched at the correct time to the correct place.  Real time updates are also available allowing businesses to keep track of exactly where orders are.

Delivery services:

Different delivery options are available depending on your circumstances.  If you have items that need to be delivered with the same day, this can be arranged.  Or perhaps you’d be happy just with economy delivery, this can be organised, too.


There are plenty of other services that e-commerce fulfilment companies can offer such as:

  • Product assembly
  • Point of sale
  • Quality control
  • Document storage
  • Re-labelling
  • Re-boxing
  • Call centre support