Standard Auction Software Demos
Auction Standard Demos, Comes With all 9 Different Main Page Layouts Below

Standard Auction Demo Layout 1

Standard Auction Demo Layout 2

Standard Auction Demo Layout 3

Standard Auction Demo Layout 4

Standard Auction Demo Layout 5

User name and password to list a
test item

alias:  test
password:  test

Standard Auction Demo Layout 6

Standard Auction Demo Layout 7

Standard Auction Demo Layout 8

Standard Auction Demo Layout 9

User names and passwords to place test bids
Alias:  test1
password:  test1

Auction And User Accounting Administration Demo Links
Auction Administration Demo
Admin Password:  test  (Case sensitive)
Accounting Administration Demo
Admin Password:  test  (Case sensitive)

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Standard Auction Software Features and Info
 This is a real time live online standard auction web site software package, "NOT" an affiliate site, It's fully functional and 100% self-contained. You can easily compare our software features and prices with similar auction website software packages that costs $500.00 and up!

 By purchasing this software you will receive the auction website software needed to start your very own professional online auction website with No monthly fees.

Auction Features:

Click here to see a chart on the features in the auction deluxe verses the auction standard package.

  • 9 Different main page layouts built in to chose from. 
  • Setup site colors, posting fees, site name or graphic logo, or turn off unwonted features, and much more all in just one setup file.
  • Currency Customizable can use most world currencies
  • Set up your own categories and sub categories
  • Post a auction item with a uploaded or linked image to be view with an posted classified ad item, image will auto delete when auction item has expired! (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Dutch fixed price auctions for selling multiple items. the seller is Emailed the bidders info and the quantity they bided on when the dutch bid is placed (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Home page featured auction listings
  • Home page featured image Gallery Auctions Listings
  • Buy It Now feature for auction items (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Category featured auctions
  • Bold and highlighted background listings
  • Listing attention grabber icons  
  • Auction bidding confirmation display
  • Auction item condition, payment, shipping display
  • Ask the seller a question displayed in a forum style page.
  • Seller and buyer feedback  
  • Ban a user from bidding on your auction items
  • Seller editable auction item description
  • View sellers other auction items
  • Auto relist option
  • Mail this auction item to a friend
  • Confirmation email sent to seller when they post a new auction item
  • The seller can view their closed, won, sold, not sold items
  • Posting fee billing receipt sent to seller as they post new items  (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Bid and outbid notice emailed to bidders
  • Closed auction item info emailed to the winning bidder and seller, includes all needed info
  • Auto deletes closed auctions items after "45" days
  • Lost user password look up
  • Lost user name look up
  • Users my page
  • Suggest a new category
  • Users can track auction items
  • Report seller and bidder fraud
  • mega list generator so you can get your sites items listed on auction search engine.
  • New item icon
  • Ending item icon
  • Picture item icon
  • BuyIt icon
  • Dutch auction icon
  • Hot item icon
  • Reserve price icon
  • Reserve price met icon
  • ----- And Much More! -----

Auction Administration:

  • View, edit or delete auction items.
  • View, edit or delete registered users accounts.
  • Suspend or reinstate a registered user.
  • Move a auction item to a different category.
  • Ban a users email address from registering.
  • Ban a users IP address from registering.
  • Ban free email accounts from registering.
  • Email all registered Users.

Accounting System:

  • The posting fees and all extra fees are setup in the setup file, all these can be a positive charge or set to 0.00 for free.
  • If turned in the file and the percentages fees setup the accounting can bill the seller a percentage of the high winning bid at auction closing.
  • New user registration credit (0.00 for no credit)
  • Registration referral credit to the referring registered user (0.00 for no credit).
  • A user can login to their account and view all of their charges/posting fees.
  • A user can make a real-time payment to their account using,,,, using one of these the users account will be auto credited in real-time reflecting the payment made to their accounting file. (Must have one or more of the merchant accounts listed to be able to use this feature, these can be turned on or off)
  • Sellers Posting Fee Payments option1: When a user is posting a new auction item the system will check the sellers account for a min cash balance they must maintain (that you setup) before they can post a new auction item, if below the min balance they will be taken toa payment screen to credit there account (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Sellers Posting Fee Payments option2: When a seller is posting a new auction item they will be taken to a payment screen to pay for any posting fees before that new item is posted (This feature can be turned on or off)
  • Auto monthly invoice to all users with a negative account balance (This feature can be turned on or off, this is used with Posting Fee Payments option1 listed above)
  • The webmaster/Admin can login to the accounting administration and select the users account to view, there the admin can credit a users account, delete a users account, send an invoice to user and much more.

Site Setups:

  • Any site changes like the categories, page colors, posting fees, site name or graphic logo, html header and footer used for all pages, are all setup in the setup file. You open the setup file using a normal text editor. All setup fields have description-help above each of the settings.

Web Site Hosting Requirements:

  1. UNIX, LINUX, FREEBSD, Apache, Mac, Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
    ( UNIX, LINUX, Apache hosting is the best as you have full control over your website)
  2. Web site hosting account with cgi access. "Most hosting accounts come with cgi access".

Click Here to view a list of recommended web site host and web site host not to use.

You get:

  1. The auction website software needed to start your very own professional online auction web site.
  2. 1 year 24/7 E-Mail tech support
  3. Free unlimited access to the software upgrade area.
  4. Free unlimited access to the online user support forums.

NOTE:Tech support and access to the software upgrades is non transferable.

Installed Package: If you select us to install the auction website software for you you'll be returned to our product installation form after making payment, this form is for you to fill out giving us all the information we need to do a complete install to your website. Your auction website will be up and running within 48 hrs from the time your order is processed.

Self Installed Package: If you select to install yourself as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment you will be emailed the software package you ordered.

NOTE: All packages are the same as seen on the auction website demo. Purchase price of the software does not include any modifications to the software or it's design

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